Delicious Margarine

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Product Description

Product Name Delicious Table Margarine
Description Table Margarine is characterized by a physical consistency similar to butter and is commonly known as butter-substitute. Margarine is prepared exclusively from vegetable oils and fats
Packing 100g, 500g, 200g tub & Single serve pack
Product Specifications
Composition Total Fat: 80%
Nutritional Information
Nutritional Information*
Amount per 100 g
Energy, kcal 729
Energy from Fat, kcal 729
Total Fat, g 80
Saturated fat,g 41
Cholesterol, mg 0
Trans fats, g ND#
Added Sugar, g 0
Sodium, mg 980
Added Vitamin A, mcg 900
Added Vitamin D, mcg 5
Not a significant source of Dietary fiber and Iron
*Approx. values
Shelf Life 9 months under refrigeration
Storage condition Store Under Refrigeration Under 10° C
Product Features
Contains Zero Cholesterol.
Fortified with Vitamins A & D
Delicious Table Margarine is a preferred choice for people with cardiac ailments due to zero cholesterol level
This is widely used as a low-cost substitute for butter
Manufactured in an ISO 9000 certified plant under strict hygienic conditions. The product is completely untouched by human hand

Additional Information

Packing Configuration per case

150*100 g pack


+ 4 deg C

Shelf life

6 months

Loading per 20' FCL in Cases


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