Amul Basundi (UHT Sweetened Milk High fat)

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Product Description

Product Details
Product Name Amul Basundi
Description Amul Basundi Kesar Elaichi
Packing 500 ml Tetrapak, 1 Lit Tetrapak
Product Specifications
Composition Milk, Milk Solids, Saffron, Cardamom, & Flavours
Nutritional Information
Nutrition Information*
Amount per 100ml
Energy, kcal 205
Energy from Fat, kcal 112
Total Fat, g 11
Saturated Fat g 6.7
Cholesterol, mg 29
Total Carbohydrate, g 18
Added Sugar, g 9
Protein, g 5.25
Calcium, mg 250
Not a significant source of Dietary fiber, Vitamin C, and Iron.
*Approx. values
Shelf Life 180 days when stored in cool and dry place
Storage condition Ambient
Product Features
Amul Basundi is a traditional Gujarati dessert that is made from condensed milk to give delicious traditional taste. The closest “taste-alike” of Amul Basundi is the famous Rabdi of North India. It is packed aseptically (in germ free condition) to give safe and nutritious Basundi which stays fresh until opened.
Product Application
Direct Consumption: Chilled Basundi could be served directly as dessert or a meal companion with or without addition of any flavor/dry fruits. To make kheer just add boiled rice to Basundi Can be used to soak Gulab Jamun for serving instead of sugar syrup. Refer below for detailed instruction on application.

Additional Information

Packing Configuration per case

12*1 lit tetrapack tray


room temp

Shelf life

4 months

Loading per 20' FCL in Cases


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